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ISOVOX® MedTech was created with experienced SLP/SLTs and medical engineers to fit the needs of a mobile studio with crystal clear voice recording sound at a low cost. 

Read what the department of speech therapy in Halland, Sweden, had to say about the project.

In their on words, in the article below.

Collaboration for improved voice analysis in the department of speech therapy,

Halland Hospital in Halmstad, Sweden


Background of the project

Voice recordings are used as a basis for being able to hear exactly which parameters in the voice that can and should be treated in patients with voice problems, later also for evaluation of any treatment and improvement / deterioration over time. The sound quality of the recordings has been substandard for all years, but a stationary studio at each hospital has from an economic and functional point of view not been relevant. In 2018, a collaboration was started with MTH Medical Technology Halland and the company ISOVOX AB, to adapt the mobile voice recording studio ISOVOX ® MedTech for  the needs of the speech therapy.


To achieve faster and safer results in voice processing with better sound quality of voice recordings.

Method Description

After a dialogue about the needs of the speech therapist, a prototype was presented. ISOVOX ® MedTech was further tested and developed to meet the requirements for high recording quality, the possibility of storage in VAS, approved for health care and wheelchair compatible.



  • Quality increase

The improved sound quality gives the speech therapist a much better opportunity to assess the voice at a detailed level.

  • Participation and value for the patient

The patient is given the opportunity to listen to their own voice recording and analyze it together with the speech therapist. This increases understanding of the treatment process and gives motivation to exercise.

  • Equal Healthcare

A mobile voice studio gives an equal healthcare for all patients


Created value

The improvement work means increased value for both residents and speech therapists in form of increased efficiency, and sound quality as well as a financial savings compared to the alternatives. ISOVOX ® MedTech is now known in the field of speech therapy in Sweden as the first mobile voice recording studio and several hospitals around the country have purchased it.


Speech therapists at the hospital in Halland takes pride in the idea of ​​new thinking in the area of speech therapy.

Project group: The speech therapists at the Rehabilitation Clinic HS, MTH Medical Technology Halland, the company ISOVOX AB

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