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The future of voice analysis.

ISOVOX® MedTech is a portable voice booth that shuts out disturbing noise from the surroundings during recording and voice analysis.

A quality assurance for each patient.

Together with a number of experienced SLT and SLPs in Sweden, ISOVOX® MedTech has been developed to simplify and improve the work of the speech pathologists every day

Created for every patient

With smooth anti-static wheels, ISOVOX® MedTech can be easily moved between treatment rooms, through each door, across thresholds and into the elevator.

ISOVOX® MedTech is equipped with a height-adjustable stand.

ISOVOX® MedTech is designed to be easily adjusted to the height of each patient, and the stand is wheelchair compatible

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Developed to fit the needs of speech therapists.

ISOVOX® MedTech is tilt-proof, easy to lock in place and wheelchair compatible

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Improves the recording sound up to 90%

      Red line – Common treatment room

Green line – ISOVOX® MedTech

ISOVOX® MedTech removes up to 90% noise from the room, which increases voice clarity.

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No complicated functions or needs of recontruction!

Easy to use.

Stand in your ISOVOX® MedTech, close the ISOVOX, and start recording.

The same crystal clear results, every time. Regardless of rooms.

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